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As a solutions driven company, we're always looking for a better way to give our customers innovative technology, cost-saving products and exceptional customer service.


Bob Faulis
Chief Executive Officer/President

Entrepreneur Bob Faulis founded Spectra Enterprises in June of 1990. Bob's accomplishments have been recognized by its customers, listing him in the top leaders in the OEM and manufacturing industry, and its employees as one of the Best Places to Work For.

Each and every one of the over 600 employees at Spectra Enterprises is dedicated to building strong partnerships with our clients, our suppliers and our community.

Suzie Gallegos
Chief Financial Officer

Suzie joined Spectra Enterprises in November 2010. She brings over 15 years of experience in financial operations, financial planning and analysis, accounting, mergers and acquisitions, international finance, SEC filings, accounting ERP implementations and general management.

As CFO, Suzie is responsible for the management of company assets and accounting practices, including preparing budgets, tax and audit functions, and financial reports. She also directs the financial strategy of the company and maintains relationships with outside business partners.

Suzie comes to Spectra Enterprises from a Fortune 1000 multi-industry manufacturing company located in 3 countries. Her most recent role has been as CFO of one of the manufacturing division. Over her fifteen year career, Suzie moved seamlessly, quickly and successfully into key positions throughout the company. Prior to it, she was a senior finance professional with a manufacturing company, investment company and national educational chain. Suzie began her career as a CPA with an accounting firm.

Alvaro Rascon
Chief Information Officer

Joining Spectra Enterprises in April 2006, Alvaro brings many years of experience creating successful, scalable IT systems and infrastructures, including a strong background in merger integration.

Alvaro's role in the company is to oversee the day-to-day operation of business platforms serving both internal and external customers. He is responsible for all aspects of the data center infrastructure supporting Spectra Enterprises, including leveraging information and technology to evolve our systems for a better customer and supplier experience.

Prior to Spectra Enterprises, Alvaro was Vice President, IT Operations, at a Phoenix based corporation. Throughout his successful career Alvaro has been responsible for large operating budgets, complex networks and hundreds of employees. Alvaro's strong leadership qualities and quick thinking skills have made him a stand out in the corporate world.

Martha Gonzalez
Vice President of Human Resources

In November of 1998, Martha Gonzalez joined the Spectra Enterprises team.

Her responsibilities include leading the Human Resources group, as well as leading employee development initiatives such employee training programs and managing salary programs, and partnership employee opportunities and establishing new employee benefits. Linda has over 18 years of management and operations experience and is accomplished in general areas of human resources management, employee development, employee relations and business mergers.

Steve Larson
Vice President of Customer Service Operations

Steve Larson joined Spectra Enterprises in May of 2006 and brings more than 10 years of Customer Service, Operational Management and Information Technology experience to the company.

Steve's primary responsibility is to provide leadership to our organization in the areas of customer support and service. Steve's Operations Teams include Customer Claims, Customer Billing and Contact Center.

Fernando Villarreal
Vice President of Sales

Fernando Villarreal was one of the company's earliest members, joining Spectra Enterprises in April of 2000.

He contributes over 10 years of sales and management experience to Spectra Enterprises, and is responsible for growing the company's large and diverse customer base and sales to its current number. Fernando teams with other departments to develop and implement strategic initiatives which improve upon current solutions and products. He also works with the Sales Managers on a daily basis to lead the Sales Department in exceeding company objectives.

Jaime Mendoza
Vice President of Manufacturing

Jaime Mendoza joined Spectra Enterprises as the General Manager in March 2002. He assumed the role of Vice President of Manufacturing/General Manager in January 2004.

As Vice President of Manufacturing, Jaime is responsible for the breadth of operations functions of Spectra Enterprises, as well as its subsidiaries. Jaime has been instrumental in moving the company forward on many fronts, including improving the day-to-day management and workflow systems, developing strategies to continue Spectra's successful growth and providing leadership for employees on all levels.

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