Medical Products

Spectra Enterprises is specialized in the fabrication of demanding, precision machined components.

We incorporate a broad range of leading edge process technologies. This includes micro-machining, multi-axis milling and turning. We are capable of producing low volume prototype quantities to high volume production. Our facility has state-of-the-art CNC turning centers that are fully supported by secondary machining and quality assurance capabilities.

At Spectra Enterprises, we manufacture a variety of critical components for medical devices, including implants, bone screws, and a large range of other components. We also support the needs of other industries such aeronautics and military.

We have extensive experience with a variety of material such as: stainless steel, titanium, plastics, and others.

Consumer Products

At Spectra Enterprises, we manufacture a variety of consumer products from just a component to a full finished product.

Products include hand tools, gardening tools, fabrication, air handling equipment, electronic assemblies, injection molding parts, machining parts, sewing products and Vinyl (PVC) and PE fabrication and recycling.

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